Four Reasons Why Your Students Need Digital Profiles

Digital Profiles are an essential tool for direct admissions. Ensure students use this part of the MaiaLearning platform to increase their application success!

Four Reasons Why Your Students Need Digital Profiles


In today's competitive college admissions landscape, students need every advantage. That's why a Digital Profile is a game-changer. This blog post explores why counselors and students should embrace this innovative tool. From streamlining applications to connecting directly with universities, a Digital Profile offers a personalized and efficient approach to college admissions. Here are four reasons why students need a Digital Profile.

1. Time

Application season is a whirlwind for counselors and students alike, so invest time to streamline the application process for yourself and your students. Get them started building Digital Profiles.

Students use MaiaLearning's Digital Profile to highlight their unique skill sets, attributes, extracurricular activities, and academics in one robust portrait. This ensures they can use Maia Offers. Students opt in to be discovered by colleges and universities, opening the door for direct communication. Through Maia Offers, admissions offers and scholarships are made directly from the universities and colleges.

The Digital Profile is also the basis for resume and CV building; students can send these documents to future employers, apply for internships, apply for scholarships, etc.

Students using Maia Offers receive offers early, without spending precious time on individual applications. They suffer less stress, have more options, and can make better decisions.

2. Communication

Maia Offers promotes a direct line of communication between universities and students. Students use their Digital Profiles to present the goals, accomplishments, and experiences they wish to feature. College representatives use Maia Offers to seamlessly connect with them, starting informed dialogue that bring top-quality prospects to their colleges and universities. Communication is centralized rather than scattered throughout email threads.

Counselors are a vital part of the application process. They use Digital Profiles to upload documents, communicate with students and universities, and ensure students have a sounding board for making good choices. They see students' career interests and can use these to begin dialogues about the best approach for each one's future educational journey.

3. Matching

There is a reason educators use the term "best fit" when referring to college and university choices.

For every student, there is a program and post-secondary institution that matches their goals and career plans. It is such a common term that the Princeton Review published an article entitled: How To Find Your Best Fit College.

With our Digital Profile, MaiaLearning is creating space for students to show their unique strengths in one cohesive place that colleges can see.

Through Maia Offers, admissions teams at universities hold the key to finding the "best fit" for their programs and institutions. Furthermore, students see opportunities they may have overlooked otherwise.

As countless programs are available, this process can be daunting for aspiring learners. The Digital Profile streamlines this otherwise overwhelming process. Although students will continue crafting university and college lists with their counselors as the do now, Maia Offers, and its partnership with universities adds another layer of opportunity.

4. Scholarships

One of the most frequent questions during a meeting with families, students, and counselors is financial support. In the United States, college can mean immense cost. Families want their students to thrive, succeed, and feel happy about their university choices, but finances often stand in the way.

Students today anxiously await letters of offer from universities to discover whether they have been offered scholarships. What if they could be admitted and have access to a scholarship? There is Maia Offers! Once students complete their digital profiles, they decide which information is available to universities.

When admissions teams make their offers, they can include scholarship opportunities. This is a massive advantage in the application timeline and brings students and families the peace of mind that comes with knowning they have scholarships lined up before making decisions.


The long-winded, draining and often overwhelming application process of the past is becoming more agile and responsive. Now, as students create Digital Profiles with the support of counselors, they are opening the door for colleges to find them.

*Please note that MaiaLearning is committed to data protection, therefore all products and services comply with data protection laws.

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