College and Career Readiness Platform

Empowering counselors with a comprehensive platform for streamlined college and career planning. Access course planning, scholarships, and financial aid tools to confidently guide students towards their future.

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Focus on the Students

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Student-Centered Guidance

Provide personalized support to help students navigate their career and education paths effectively.

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Streamlined Progress Management

Efficiently track and oversee student advancement towards their goals, ensuring timely and successful outcomes.

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See the Big Picture

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Data-driven Collaboration

Utilize powerful data features to collaborate efficiently with students for informed recommendations.

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Student Success Support

Leverage data to make informed recommendations, promoting student success.

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Streamline  Applications

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Efficient Collaboration

Enhance efficiency by collaborating with students using data about them to make decisions.

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Simplified Student Success

Support student success by leveraging data features to provide informed college recommendations.

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What our clients say

"I think MaiaLearning is…redefining the relationship between customer and provider."

Robert Kostrzeski
Counselor & Wellness Coordinator
The International School Nido de Aguilas

"I feel like MaiaLearning's only client"

Karla Bingaman,
Administrative Coordinator/College Counseling
Mercersburg Academy
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