College and Career Planning

Empowering students in education and career planning with personalized resources, resume building, financial aid guidance, and academic planning tools.

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Discover Your Strengths

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Self-evaluation for Education and Career Planning

Assess strengths and areas for improvement to inform future education and career decisions.

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Matching Goals and Educational Programs

Identify goals and find suitable programs for educational and career pathways.

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Uncover Career Opportunities

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Access to Comprehensive Career Resources

Students have a wide range of career resources for research and planning.

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Support for Research and Long-Term Planning

Resources empower students to explore careers and make informed long-term plans.

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Explore Pathways

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Streamlined University Application Process

Discover, research, and apply to universities worldwide in one place, with seamless document sending via Common App integration and Parchment for Canadian Universities.

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Personalized Education Pathway Exploration

Utilize self-evaluation and career resources to research and plan for success in higher education program pathways.

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Plan Your Applications

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Empower Your Application Journey

Stand out from the competition and confidently navigate the college and career application process.

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Discover, Plan, & Excel

Unleash your potential with the assessments, guidance, and resources to excel in your college or career applications.

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Document Your Experiential Learning

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Simplify Experiential Learning Documentation

Easily capture and validate your real-world learning experiences.

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Easily Share Your Learnings

Once your learnings are approved showcase them on your resume or digital profile.

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Build Your Digital Profile

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Showcase Your Unique Abilities

Create a digital profile to highlight your individual talents, experiences and achievements.

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Connect with Your Best Fit Institution

Opt-in to be discovered by universities and initiate direct communication with admissions representatives.

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