Engage and Connect with Students

MaiaOffers, Factsheets, Virtual Fairs, and Virtual Visits for Effective Student Engagement

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Attract Prospects with MaiaOffers

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Stand Out with Appealing Financial Aid

Make financial offers to students through MaiaOffers, to help your college stand out and attract prospects.

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Review Profiles for best-fit candidates

Students can share their profile details without compromising privacy.

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Represent your university with factsheets

Comprehensive Information

Universities can enrich their factsheets and provide a comprehensive overview for prospective students and counselors.

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Effortless Updates

Universities can quickly and easily update their information directly on MaiaLearning with just a few clicks.

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Support Students with Virtual Fairs

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Explore Virtual Fairs

Connect with schools and departments, gather information, and simplify the college application process through MaiaLearning’s virtual fairs.

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Discover Schools at Virtual Fairs

Join MaiaLearning’s virtual fairs to explore programs, research opportunities, and streamline your college application journey.

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Foster Meaningful Connections

Connect & Share College Information

Engage students in virtual fairs to share comprehensive college info and foster connections.

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Empower Students to Make Informed Decisions

Students explore colleges, view financial offers, and make informed decisions.

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What our clients say

"I think MaiaLearning is…redefining the relationship between customer and provider."

Robert Kostrzeski
Counselor & Wellness Coordinator
The International School Nido de Aguilas

"I feel like MaiaLearning's only client"

Karla Bingaman,
Administrative Coordinator/College Counseling
Mercersburg Academy
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