MaiaLearning Micro-Credentials and Digital Badging

We understand the swift pace of change in education. We also understand that learning happens everywhere; it’s not confined to a classroom setting. However, formally recognizing non-traditional or work-based learning can be difficult. MaiaLearning offers an effective solution: micro-credentials and digital badges. 

Micro-credentials enable learners to acquire competencies crucial for navigating today's modern job market. These achieved micro-credentials based on specific competencies are recognized through digital badges. This allows schools to celebrate achievement beyond the traditional academic measures normally shown on a transcript. Schools can validate skills and knowledge learned from work-based learning, short courses, internships, service or volunteer work, and other co-curricular activities. This motivates students and shows who they are and what they can do.  

Micro-credentials and badges allow districts and schools to outline their vision of a Portrait of a Graduate making sure their students graduate from high school equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in both careers and college. Portraits of a graduate outline competency-and performance-based education that captures the full breadth of student skills and adherence to state accountability systems. Using digital badges to visually represent what states, districts, and communities feel are important for their students is powerful.

With our digital badging feature, schools can help students design their learning and guide them towards thriving futures.

Micro-credentials vs. Digital Badges

A micro-credential is a credential for attaining a specific competencies or skills. This is often done through workshops, seminars, or short online courses. Digital Badges visually represent the Micro-credential.

  • Visually showcase knowledge, skills, and achievement
  • Easily added to social media, portfolios, or resumes

Create Your Own Custom Credentials

MaiaLearning’s micro-credential feature stands out for its intuitive interface, making it easy to create custom credentials. Districts or schools can create attributes based on their Portrait of a Graduate.

  • Craft custom badges for specific learning goals
  • Create a culture of learning and promote 21st century skills

Easy to Award and Manage

With this feature, districts and schools can easily award and manage credentials. They can also edit or duplicate credentials. Configuration allows for different roles and capabilities when deciding who can award them.

  • Districts/Schools decide who awards credentials and badges
  • Districts/Schools decide who revokes credentials and badges

Meet State Standards for Education

Districts and schools can craft credentials to meet specific state and graduation requirements. Creating credentials and awarding badges will help to cultivate a culture of achievement and ensure career and college readiness in students.

  • Easy to align with state standards
  • Educators validate student competencies and readiness

Information Rich, Easy to Share Badges

This feature uses industry standards to ensure an information-rich digital badge. Basing our badges on open badge standards ensures individual badges are easy to share electronically and that they are transportable.

  • Our badges show detailed information what is achieved
  • Verification and validity embedded in the badge

Give Your Students an Advantage

Micro-credentials help students show skill development and real-world knowledge. This gives students the edge in job or internship applications because  employers scan quickly identify best fit applicants.

  • Volunteering or work-based learning can be rewarded
  • Recognize learning that takes place outside the school setting

Start using the College & Career Readiness platform of the future, today.