Barry Coleman

Barry Coleman

Barry, the CTO of MaiaLearning, leads the development team and has a background in AI, eCommerce, and customer support, while also coaching robotics.

About me

Barry Coleman is CTO at MaiaLearning. He leads a team of software developers, QA Engineers and DevOps in India and Ukraine. Barry joined MaiaLearning full-time in October 2017, but has been a technical board advisor to MaiaLearning since the company's inception.

Prior to MaiaLearning, Barry was CTO at, a provider of artificial intelligence-enhanced customer service solutions. Barry led a team of engineers and AI researchers based in Mountain View, CA and, Kyiv and Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Barry was also a technical board advisor at, a programmatic mobile advertising platform, where he helped with machine learning, scalability and production operations, as well as the innovating several models of dynamic targeted ads.

Barry previously served as CTO at MarketLive, a provider of eCommerce solutions to mid-sized retailers such as PartyCity and CostPlus World Market (sold to Vista Equity Partners for $105m). Barry spend 12 years at ATG in various roles culminating in CTO and Vice President of Support and Customer Optimization products. Barry was responsible in the early tenure for the ecommerce implementations at Nike, BestBuy, Target and AT&T Wireless, some of the largest ecommerce sites of the early 2000s. ATG was acquired by Oracle for $1 billion.

Barry is also the author on several patents in the areas of online customer support, including cross-channel data passing, dynamic customer invitation, and customer privacy. He holds a degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex.